About Us


Nadia Mah at Rocky Six S Ranch in Cremona, Alberta is the daughter of the late Terry Stewart, who co-owned the world's largest herd of Caspian horses. What started out as a move to re-grow the Caspian population has turned into a family-adored operation.

Since 2018, Nadia has been making huge strides in upgrading the ranch facility and putting a quality breeding program together with the Caspians she has retained.


As the mom of three, all of her kids participate with caspians. Nadia's daughters have a passion for the small horses and a love for their soft demeanours. The Caspians have proven to be patient, willing mounts for small humans, and treasures to handle for the bigger ones.

Since 2018, Kindra has had a hand in the Rocky 6 S Caspians. Having invested in some of the breeding mares, Kindra, too, adores seeing this versatile breed of small horses re-populate. As one team, Nadia and Kindra share a dream to show the rest of us just how amazing these horses can be.