Caspian Horses

Caspian horses originate from Northern Iran and are believed to be one of the most ancient horse breeds in the world, reaching back to the Mesopotamian era. In fact, Caspians just might be the oldest breed of domestic horses to exist today. Enquire now for sales and breeding.

The heights of our Caspians range between nine and eleven hands high. With their curious and clever minds, they make fantastic, smaller riding horses or even companion critters.


Our stallions have been chosen based on their conformation and temperament, making them the most functional and willing of our Caspians.


Our mares are handled often and some are broke to ride. They, too, have been selected to have the best conformation and work ethic of our herds.



Our Caspian foals are personally overseen and handled since day one. As they grow, they're exposed to being led, to indoor and outdoor environments, and other horses,

Our Caspians are based out of our Rocky 6 S Ranch horse boarding facility. If you'd like to learn more about horse board and services,

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